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And now we tell you...our history!

In 1965 some friends, who had a common and strong emotion for the choral song and the wish to merrily be together, decided to create a choir which would interpret the one's feelings and would transmit to others the inward riches given by the music to its lovers.
So arising, the "Fiocco di Neve" (Snow Flake) choir immediately get the sympathy from some of the ancient alpine soldiers of Ispra who have gradually been joined by other persons loving choral songs, from the next cities and various social origins. Giulio Scarton, the present choir director, led this group.
The repertory was founded upon songs coming from Maggiore Lake legends, folk-lore, love, alpine soldiers, war and popula religiousness.
Many twinnings happened ,and we remember with peculiar affection the choirs "Penne Nere" from Zurich, "Campanil Bas" from Molveno (Trentin), "Monte Rose" from Pont-Saint-Martin (Aoste), "Val di Fassa" fromVigo di Fassa (Trentin).
For the foundation's 15th anniversary, the record "Amici per Cantare" (friends for singing) has been engraved, and has been followed by "Vocincoro" ( Voices-in-Choir) for the 20th anniversary, an audiocassette of christmass carols.
At spring a new CD and an audiocassette of popular songs will be issued.
The choir is presently composed of about thirty choristmen, well divided between the various sectors.
In May 2001, the choir was invited at the International Choral Fest in the U.S.A., as the first italian choir participating, and presented seven concerts with an austrian choir and three american choirs.
In June the choir has participated at the "Rassegna Internationale Cittā di Genova", appointment patronized by the Republic President.
In July , at Bologna, the choir has presented a concert with the Lissone choir for the "Rassegna Canta la Lombardia".
Love for music, for tradition, for the man, for the nature, for the deepest human feelings and moreover friendship and solidarity are the values which have fed the choir during its long and rich way.